About Us

Aims and Objectives

Center for Advancement of Science and Technology (CAST) is established in the School of Systems and Technology (SST) at the University of Management and Technology (UMT), Pakistan. This center aims to work on the following multi-faceted objectives:

Foster Research and Development Environment

The center would facilitate building a research friendly environment in the school by formalizing the research groups so as to involve the faculty members and students in the mainstream research activities. Furthermore, it would help extending the research directions by setting up collaborative research with the researchers from other school in the university and beyond.

Organize Invited Talks

The idea of organizing talks by inviting active and leading academicians and practitioners has been recognized as a motivational activity in all top universities of the world. CAST also aims to revive this ritual at UMT in general, and in SST in particular. The center would like to invite renowned and impactful people from all over the country and from abroad to share their experiences and success stories to motivate and inspire the students and faculty. Thus, CAST would organize series of seminars in each semester.

Trainings and Workshops

The professional education demands the students and the faculty to remain current and keep the pace up with the evolving tools and technologies. This facet of the center aims to create opportunities for the students to run extra mile along with their traditional lecturing. To this end, the center aims to offer trainings on highly demanded tools and technologies with the help of faculty and industry personnel. This will certainly help our students strengthen their CV and would enhance the possible job opportunities for our graduates.

Bridge the Gap between Academia and Industry

CAST intends to create possibilities by bringing academia and industry closer to each other so that both can benefit from one another. To this end, it aims to involving students and faculty in different projects from industry while collaborating with other relevant bodies like ORIC. Similarly, involving people from industry in revisiting the curriculum through formal committees established for this purpose would help serving this purpose. In the same way, CAST will look forward to organizing panel discussions at relevant events to define and refine the modalities of making this liaison between academia and industry more objective and successful.

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